Atlas Distribution Secures $25 Million Dollar P&A Financing Deal

LA Distributor Looks to Back Independent Filmmakers

Los Angeles, CA - February 06, 2015 - Atlas Distribution Company announced today that it has has secured a financing commitment from UM Holdings Ltd. to fund prints and advertising for 3 to 5 movies per year for the next three years. The facility's value is in the $25M to $30M range.

Atlas Distribution Company will target independent movies that can open on 500 or more screens and will use the money for acquisitions and theatrical release marketing. Atlas Distribution Company recently unveiled its proprietary theatrical booking system, CinemaCloudWorks™, which it has used successfully on its own theatrical releases.

"Atlas Distribution's unique combination of theatrical planning and marketing utilizing CinemaCloudWorks truly sets them apart from all other independent theatrical distributors and gives them an amazingly powerful edge when deploying marketing dollars. Atlas is a great home for independent filmmakers looking for first-rate theatrical exhibition supported with a smart P&A spend," said John Aglialoro, chairman of UM Holdings, Ltd.

Atlas Distribution is primarily looking at acquiring completed films, but is also open to partnering with filmmakers who seek a USA theatrical commitment upfront.

"Even though fewer movies are released theatrically each year, there are still a good number of terrific commercial titles that deserve to be seen in the theater. With CinemaCloudWorks, and now our P&A funding, independent filmmakers can count on nothing short of a stellar theatrical release experience through Atlas Distribution," according to Harmon Kaslow, President of Atlas Distribution.

About Atlas Distribution Company
Atlas Distribution Company was formed to distribute the trilogy adaptation of Ayn Rand's epic novel, Atlas Shrugged and other motion pictures. To contact Atlas Distribution, visit

About UM Holdings, Ltd.
UM Holdings Ltd. is a privately-held firm founded in 1972. The firm owns and manages a portfolio of companies with a mission to increase net worth through appreciation in the value of an evolving array of assets. UM takes either a controlling or minority position in businesses that demonstrate profit and growth potential with prudent risk. More information about UM Holdings can be found at:

About CinemaCloudWorks™
CinemaCloudWorks™ is a revolutionary transparent theatrical distribution system offering fully integrated theatrical planning, booking, invoicing, analytics, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). More information about CinemaCloudWorks™ can be found here:


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