Film distribution with a purpose.

Atlas Distribution Company’s mission is to seek out remarkable movies that reflect our core values - honor, integrity, and the power of the individual.

Founded in 2011, Atlas Distribution is a theatrical releasing film distribution company backed by UM Holdings, Ltd., a privately held venture capital fund. Atlas Distribution handles wide and limited releases ranging from exclusive engagements to +2,000 screens.

Atlas Distribution released the trilogy of motion pictures based on the best selling Ayn Rand novel, “Atlas Shrugged” (2011- 2014), the British dramedy, “A Royal Night Out” (2015), Simon Pegg's, "Absolutely Anything" (2017), and many, many more.

Who We Are

Picture of John Aglialoro

John Aglialoro


Picture of Joan Carter

Joan Carter

Vice Chairman

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Harmon Kaslow


Picture of Scott DeSapio

Scott DeSapio


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